Weekend Wonderland

Hello everyone! I’ve decided to revitalize my Weekend Wonderland. Just what is Weekend Wonderland, Tenaya? Inspiration prompts! Be it a song, video, picture, verse, or all of the above, depending on my mood. 🙂 I discovered picture writing prompts back in 2009 and I found them to be fun and sometimes a real fire-starter to my muse. If you’re a creative person, you know how temperamental the muse can be, and sometimes she needs a gentle, or not so gentle,  push.

Enough rambling from me. This is really straight forward. I hope it helps inspire your weekend creative endeavors!

#1 Writing prompt taken from The Writer’s Block book. “Describe the first person who broke your heart. If you had the chance to take revenge on them, would you?” 

#2 Look at the art. What story do you see there? Can you write it in 500 words or less?

Illustration by CLIFF NIELSEN: image by CLIFF NIELSEN

#3 Just to round it out, here’s a song as well. I know my muse is tempted by music. Is yours?

That’s all for this time. More Weekend Wonderland is coming soon. 🙂 I hope this was helpful. Have a happy weekend!

Love, Tenaya

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