The Icicle Spider is coming

Hey there! I’m super excited to tell you about my new project coming 2018! The Icicle Spider Trilogy!

Curious? Check out the trailer.

I’ve had the concept for this story banging around in my head for almost 10 years. Now that I’ve finished The Legends of Regia, I can finally write it! Stay up on news, teasers, and giveaways for #iciclespider by liking the new FB page

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  1. debbie kilburn

    I wanted to write to you and say that I loved your short story, “Phaedra”. I found it moving when she was running away from the ultimate finality of death. She was empty with just the wind running through her. Then, a tiny sound. A lonesome sound coming on the wind. She had to see what was the sound from. She found a soul who needed her to continue living, breathing. But he was marked. But she got the marking changed to something uplifting for life. Beloved became her salvation. His to hers and hers to Jon’s. It is a beautiful story. Most things do not move me, but this one does. Thank you.

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