Derailed By Noisy Characters!

Hey all! So this is weird. I thought I was finished writing Regia. Honest truth! I had my publishing schedule all set for the rest of 2017 and 2018, then low and behold…I fall in love. As in fall like down a rabbit hole. I was coasting along, in a bad depression, and one day I woke up with a complete book in my head and a character who wouldn’t leave me alone until I caved. I’d like you to meet Maddox…remember him in the end of Lightning Flower? He was just a baby then.

At first, I thought, okay fine, I’ll write this book and it will be like an encore. Just Legends of Regia #8, but then…Nope, it became a spinoff! So here we go. The Shadows of Regia! This will be a trilogy. Fallen is Maddox’s story, Feral is Sophie’s, and finally Forsaken will be Melina’s.

If you are new to my work and haven’t read The Legends Of Regia, don’t worry, you can start with these if you want. Or go to the beginning of the 1st series now and binge all the way through. You can get the first book free everywhere. And the entire box set is free on Kindle Unlimited!

Half vampire and wealthy playboy, Maddox lives his life in the public eye and thoroughly enjoys his bad reputation. But what most people believe of him is not who he really is. Life has always been easy for Maddox, but now a dark figure moves through the shadows slaughtering innocent young women, and the evidence points at him as his exes start turning up dead with his name carved into their skin.

Erin hates everything Maddox stands for and when her best friend becomes the most recent in the line of mysterious killings, she has no doubt the rich lothario is responsible. Torn by grief, Erin decides to take matters into her own hands and she will stop at nothing to make Maddox pay.

But when the two rivals finally come head to head, neither is prepared for the sparks that fly or the eternal bond that destiny weaves between their souls. Maddox is desperate to keep Erin by his side and prove to her his innocence.  Erin would rather die than submit to being his destined life mate… And her death is just what the killer has in mind.

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  1. Can you please keep adding them to audible? I have the first 4 but than on audible uk that’s it. No more!
    I have them on my shelves but due to my mental illness audible is easier. I wish to finish the series and can’t. It’s driving me insain! I contacted audible they just said they’d look into it and that was months ago.

    • Hey there. I’m sorry for the wait on the last books. They are currently in production and should be available in October.

  2. YOU ARE MY NEW FAVOURITE AUTHOR!!! I have just finished Lightning Flower and I am sat here lost on what to do next. The 7 books of Legends of Regia blew me away, I mean seriously I was more than addicted. I was and am invested. I can’t stop thinking about the characters and the story line. It’s like I was living it, honestly hats off to you. I read A LOT and I can not tell you how much I enjoyed your series, so thank you.

    I honestly can not wait for this next three book series. Literally waiting in anticipation.

    (Wow I can not believe how fan girly I sound…..oh well those that have read your books will understand).

    Just wanted to say thank you for carrying on the Regia stories. I am beyond excited to read whats next.

    Kind regards,

  3. Hi! I just finished reading Fallen and I’ve been trying to locate Feral. Has it been released yet? I usually get my books through Kindle Prime and Kindle Unlimited, but don’t see that one or Forsaken.

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