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It doesn’t matter how much I want her…If I touch her, we’ll both die.

Princess-wolf Sophie lives under the weight of expectations from her people and the abusive thumb of her fiancé. On the outside, she’s everything her culture believes she should be, but none of them know her dark secret. Terrified she’ll never be able to control her savage power, she hides her unique art form deep in a cave, unaware her dangerous creations are capable of venturing out of the shadows. The wolves expect her to be a leader like her mother when fighting breaks out with the Dryads.

One lie turns a tragic accident into an act of war and causes Dryad warrior Eli to question what he knows is right. Eli considers love the ultimate weakness, and as fighting with the Wolves escalates, it’s a weakness he can’t afford. Strength and loyalty are all that matter until a chance encounter with the wolf pack leader’s daughter exposes him to a passion he can’t control and shakes the foundation of everything he believes.

Caught in a love so taboo, Eli and Sophie are forced to hide their passion or risk being branded and executed as traitors. If discovered, not only will their lives be forfeit, it could turn the fragile negotiations of peace into a bloodbath.

This is a full novel. Book 2 of 3 in The Shadows of Regia trilogy 


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