The Artist

I was on vacation last week and missed writing my Friday article. So it feels doubly important to me that I write one this week.  I know what I want to write about today but I feel overwhelmed by the topic and I can’t seem to come up with a different one. I keep sitting here looking at the screen, my mind going round and round, but the words refusing to manifest on the screen. It’s not writer’s block but a feeling of inadequacy that hinders me.

I’m going to work on this and come back to it another time. It might be later today, it might be later this week. So as a substitute for the missing article I’m going to write out a poem I found the other day on the back of a instructional book on oil painting. I thought it was beautiful.

The Artist

Misunderstood and overlooked the artist wanders thorny ways, He builds a homeland made of dreams, brings back enchantment gone a-stray, with anyone who cares, he shares, most humble his beloved art, may it be palette, music, words, he gives unselfish with his heart.

The golden road to fame, he knows is paved with cobblestones of pain, deceit may wait around the bend, and all his labors be in vain, but still his weary hands go on, enduring ridicule and shame, in all his poverty he has a wealth no other man can claim.

He is the Lord’s most precious gift, the rapture and the agony, creating what his soul believes, and hope of immortality, with trembling heart he turns each page of life until his journey ends, most grateful for the love he finds and for each soul who understands.

~Margarete Alexander

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