The Legends of Regia

The Bestselling Fantasy Romance SeriesĀ 

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  1. Beverly Newman

    What date will light in th heart be out. I had surgery and meds keep from remembering things. So I put it in my phone so I k ow when I can buy it.

  2. When will lightning flower be out

    • Hi there! Lightning Flower will be out in the Fall/winter this year.

      • Hi Miss Tenaya! Merry Christmas..the year is almost up, and i don’t know that I can wait much longer. Is Lightning Flower ready yet? I need to read it now…pleeaassseee! Hope you’re having a wonderful Christmas.

  3. steven o marshall

    when will burning bridges and blood lock be out on audio book

    • Soon, I hope! Sadly, I do not have a date to give you.

      • At the beginning of the year I asked on my sister’s behalf about the rest of the Legends of Regia books being available on audio and now its almost May and still no word, Is there any hope! My sister lost her vision in an accident at 24 and the series gave her something she enjoyed, only to find out when she got to Burning Bridges that it and the rest of the series is unavailable. Now we look thru a series to make sure all books published in a series are also available in audio, and its really unfortunate how many author’s dont make sure this is the case. Why bother at all if your only going to offer part of the story to a special audience ? Why disappoint people? I know my sister can’t be alone in this.

        • I’m so sorry Amber. I want the entire series available in audio. Audible bought the rights to the first four books but they have yet to offer for the rest. I’ve heard that the company is not buying much of anything right now, not sure if it is true or not. I have been trying to contact them about this, but your message has given me a new passion for it. I will increase my efforts to get this done! Thank you for contacting me.

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