Forest Fire



Banished to Earth. Hunted by the queen’s assassins. Forest must fight to find a way back to Regia. Lonely and brokenhearted, she waits for Syrus to break through her banishment. Syrus lives his days in anguish, trapped in a portal that goes nowhere. Separated by galaxies, Forest and Syrus’ spiritual connection strains to the breaking point.

As Regia’s civil war ravages the land and the balance of power tips, the world will learn it’s the Rune-dy pulling the strings. Forest must face the horrifying truth of her father’s identity and how her very existence is rooted in one of the Rune-dy’s darkest secrets.

Fighting to find her place in Regia’s new world order, Forest is desperate to keep her past hidden, while Leith threatens to taint her name forever. With her heart on fire, Forest must attain her freedom through retribution and wage war inside her very soul. Will she be able to accept the gift Syrus offers, or will one mistake separate them forever?  







  1. Hey I think your book trailers are amazing and i love some of the songs, you’ve added onto your website. I work with children and i know someone whose raising a downsydrome child. So I hope for the best for your family.

  2. Hey i am a bit confused so which book is book three, it said on Amazon. com that your Verdant book is book three of the legends of Regia so which is the real book three of your series? Because i’m hoping to get the three books before getting your forth book. So please let me know ASAP. Thanks Rachel

    • Verdant ( I think that’s it.) Is about shi. But I did a look a little harder at some things, it says that Dark Souls is the third book. And boy am I excited!! Thx Tenaya Jayne!! Ur books are awesome!!

  3. Awesome! That helps a lot. i finally ordered the books, so i am so excited i cannot wait to get them.

  4. Hey question, just in case you don’t see it on FB. i am reading Forbidden Forest which is really good. But i am confused over which hair color is her true form. On earth she’s black once she’s in Regia it’s red. So… which hair color is her true one?

  5. I read the first book on my nook and really enjoyed it! Now I can’t find any more nook books for your work on Barnes and Noble, and I was wondering why that is?

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